From now on, the total number of inbound arrivals will be increased to 40,000 per week. From July 14, Chinese nationals, holders of valid residence permits and those who come to Taiwan for transit will be exempted from holding PCR reports within 2 days before boarding.

The Central Epidemic Command Center stated today (7) that the number of entry quarantine days will be adjusted from June 15 to "3 days of home quarantine + 4 days of self-prevention", and the total number of people entering the country will be 25,000 per week, which has been implemented. In the past three weeks, after a continuous rolling review of the international and domestic epidemics, as well as the domestic epidemic prevention and medical capacity, the total number of inbound arrivals will be increased to 40,000 per week as a principle from now on; Starting from Taiwan time), Chinese citizens, holders of valid residence permits, and all passengers who come to Taiwan for transit are exempted from holding a PCR report within 2 days before boarding. However, those who test positive overseas should suspend their boarding within 7 days from the date of collection and test. , in order to maintain the safety of aviation and community epidemic prevention.

The command center stated that the quarantine days, quarantine locations, testing measures, home quarantine and self-imposed epidemic prevention regulations for inbound passengers remain unchanged, and are reiterated as follows:

1. Quarantine days and premises:

(1) The entry day is the 0th day, and the 3-day home quarantine and the 4-day self-prevention after the quarantine period expires.

(2) During the period of voluntary epidemic prevention, the epidemic prevention regulations that should be followed:
1. Do not go out unless necessary.
2. Negative home antigen quick screening test results are required within 2 days before going out to work and shopping for daily necessities.
3. Wear a mask and maintain social distance when going out.
4. Business performance includes going to work, visiting, giving speeches, and holding meetings. However, masks should still be worn and social distancing should be maintained throughout.
5. Wear a mask throughout the work period and maintain social distance. You can temporarily avoid wearing a mask when you have dietary needs, and wear a mask immediately after use.
6. Avoid entering and leaving crowded places or contact with unspecified objects.
7. Business performance can be performed in a separate space of the restaurant alone or with specific objects, but there should be partitions or social distance should be maintained.
8. Medical care or examinations for non-urgent needs should be postponed.
(3) The quarantine place maintains one person and one household or stays in an anti-epidemic accommodation, and the principle is to complete 3-day home quarantine and 4-day self-epidemic prevention in the same quarantine place. In addition, considering that migrant workers, fishermen and students adopt a common living model, the risk of cluster infection is high, and the competent department of the target business will maintain the supervision of the original quarantine place to complete the self-epidemic prevention, and will not be allowed to go to school or work during the self-epidemic prevention period. , do not go out unless necessary.

2. Detection measures:

(1) Viral nucleic acid (PCR) test: upon entry (day 0), collect deep throat saliva samples at the airport/port for PCR test.

(2) Household rapid screening reagent test: Upon entry, the on-site staff of the international port will distribute 2 doses of household rapid antigen screening reagents to passengers over 2 years old, which can be used when symptoms occur during the quarantine period and when they go out for the first time during the self-prevention period.

3. Transportation from entry to the quarantine place: In addition to taking the anti-epidemic convoy, the vehicle may be picked up by relatives, friends or government agencies, and various anti-epidemic measures shall be implemented with reference to the anti-epidemic regulations of the anti-epidemic convoy.

At the same time, the passengers who come to Taiwan should hold the PCR report within 2 days before the scheduled flight time. Starting from 0:00 on July 14 (the scheduled arrival time of the flight), the relaxation of the restrictions will be given to Chinese nationals and valid residence permits, as well as to all travelers. Those who transfer between Taiwan and Taiwan are not required to hold this report before boarding, but those who have tested positive overseas should suspend their boarding within 7 days from the date of collection to maintain the safety of aviation and community epidemic prevention; the command center will continue to monitor overseas mutants and The confirmed cases of entry screening of passengers, etc., will be reviewed on a rolling basis, and this measure will be revised and restarted if necessary.

The command center reiterated that border quarantine measures are an important key to preventing the COVID-19 epidemic, and called on the public to abide by relevant matters during the quarantine period and jointly maintain the safety of domestic communities.


Data/picture source: Ministry of Health and Welfare